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  • by Sandor (138) on Thursday February 22 2001, @11:57AM (#483) Journal
    The slashcode site has some great potential as a gathering place for admins of slash type sites. So far, imho, the best article I have read here was What it takes to Run a Weblog []. It was informative and was actually the type of article I expected to see when I first started coming here.Things that would make this site a more valuable resource:
    • In depth looks at the way the code is designed (conceptually not blit for bit).
    • Tips and Tricks to getting feature 'x' working or modified.
    • Make YASS a section.
    • More Perl stuff
    • More mySQL stuff
    • Some 'How-To' features (setup/mods/pulls/culls of slash from other admins)
    • Articles on slash community development/building and marketing concepts (some very cool slash sites out there with almost no users and admins that are clueless about internet marketing)
    • Plug-In/modifications and integrations discussed (Some of the slash sites out there have done quite a bit of tweaks to the code, it would be great to discuss them!) or linked to for us to play with...
    • More Apache articles
    • How about a 'Where the F is X?' topic/section so newbie admins can ask silly questions and not feel like morons for asking them...
    All in all this is a good resource of information for those of us interested in running a slash based site. You guys have done a great job writing some awesome code and been kind enough to let us have at it. Slashcode is a good extension of that but it could be more. I can't say the slashcode site is bad about anything. I would personally like to see the article count per day go up a little (say 3-4 a day). I know not much discussion goes on in each article here but that does not mean we aren't reading them. As this is the 'official' resource for all things slash (short of sourcefourge) and the documentation of slash is kind of sparce, we really should discuss more stuff specific to installing, maintaining, and developing slash.