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  • by davidt (71) on Saturday February 09 2002, @04:14PM (#4196) Homepage
    I think I had this problem - it seems with RH 7.2 they changed the nobody user to use a nonexistent shell. So try changing the shell to a valid one. Alessio helped me with this problem a while back: []
    • Update:

      I've been able to manually run the slashd daemon as root by making the modifications I stated before and doing /usr/local/slash/sbin/slashd virtuser &. Now that some of you have brought up the prospect that nobody = /bin/false I shall have to check that. It seems like a likely solution.

      Also, Thanks for the tip on tail, but tail has been my friend for some time. Especially useful when users "think" something is wrong with e-mail or squid. Still good to post info like that for anyone els