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  • by matrix9180 (5826) on Tuesday January 27 2004, @05:24PM (#6158)
    I was wondering what had happened. Couldn't find any info anywhere about what was going on. Glad it's back though, Slashcode r0x0rz meh b0x0rz
  • by moodboom (3881) on Tuesday January 27 2004, @06:05PM (#6159)
    I've been really champing at the bit to grab a new CVS snapshot. Now that I know the full story, I'm glad to know you guys took your time to make things right, thanks for that.

    One related thing I'd like to know more about - merging the latest CVS template changes with template customizations I've made. I'm only on my second incarnation of my slash site, and I've never upgraded (I've just done two fresh installs). Since templates are stored in the slash database, I take it there are some extra steps required. It looks like template-tool will do the work for you. Is this the general process?

    get a cvs snapshot of latest slash templates

    do a template dump of your site

    diff between the two, updating the dump

    update the site templates from the dump

    Or am I way off? :P thanks...

    • Re:Templates by jamiemccarthy (Score:1) Wednesday January 28 2004, @10:16AM
  • and then there is BitKeeper, and a few other SCM's out there. Why stick with CVS?

    "How about you interface with my ass? By biting it!" --Bender
  • by philipdl71 (5859) on Saturday January 31 2004, @11:46PM (#6164)
    I'm currently in the process of deploying a new slashsite running 2.2.6. I was wondering if I should upgrade to CVS or not. What are the benefits of doing so? Is 2.2.6 secure or are their known security problems with it? Also I understand that the slashcode people don't have time to support upgrading to CVS from 2.2.6 but are there any major differences that require things like database schema modifications, etc.? New variables perhaps?
  • by alexmc (524) on Thursday February 05 2004, @06:10AM (#6170) Homepage
    Bad luck people. It is so stressful when you discover a machine has been rooted. The paranoia you have to have is not pleasant.

    Thanks for the hard work sorting this out.
    -- SF and Computing Book News
  • for those of you who have the slash src code checked out, and have other things (plugins, themes, etc) checked out from *other* cvs servers, you'll need to update your 'Root' files as well. However, if you do the above, you'll mess up existing accurate Root files.

    Here's one method to change them (worked on an OSX box, and a linux box, ymmv):

    grep " shcode" -l * -r | xargs perl -lpi -e '$_=q{ oot/slashcode}'

    on irc jamie suggested something like this:

            find foo -type f -name Root | xargs perl -pi -e
          '$_ = qq{:ext:jamiemccarthy\ lashcode\n};
            print STDERR "$ARGV\n"'

    Which, that method is probably safer since it specifically only changes the Root filenames.

    Hope that helps.

    lottadot []