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  • by dave_aiello (52) on Tuesday December 17 2002, @12:21PM (#5485) Homepage Journal
    I've been working with Interchange [] for the past few weeks, at the behest of a client. This seems like it might be a good Slash integration candidate, given that Interchange's core components are Apache and mySQL, although mySQL is only one of the database choices.

    FWIW, the backend is similar to Slash in some respects.

    I don't actually have a single server running both applications at the moment, otherwise I'd have more substantive comments. But, let me know if the idea of using Interchange intrigues you, and I will try to relate some of my installation and configuration experiences.



    Dave Aiello
    Chatham Township Data Corporation []

    • yes, any installation and configuration experiences with Interchange would be very helpful to know. My further research also suggested Interchange as a leading candidate: not only because it is, as you said, Apache and mySQL oriented, but because it also appears to have a highly active development community, and is written in Perl -- an advantage from my standpoint. So relate away!