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  • by (2154) on Monday October 21 2002, @03:14AM (#5382) Homepage Journal
    i was able to get the 1300+ error messages down to about 70 after i edited the slash1toslash2.2 script.
    look for:

    $comments{$data->{sid}}->{$data->{cid}} = $new_cid
                                                  if $data->{date} ge $display;

    and remove "if $data->{date} ge $display;" line so it looks like this:
    $comments{$data->{sid}}->{$data->{cid}} = $new_cid;

    look for this this in slash1toslash2.2 script.
    line 1182 or around there.
    (thanx to jamie)

    but now we are about 70 articles short. this is better than 1300 ;)

    also look at this bug:
    line 357 is []