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  • how about replacing you with the appropriate username? -- why do I have to wait 15 more seconds to post this if I took only 5 to write it?
    • I'm not sure if having the username would catch someone's eye as much as "You" would.

      You can't grep a dead tree.
      • maybe you're right but I was thinking of how to translate it into italian [] because I think a direct translation would sound weird.
        Anyway, "you" should be a link to "http://blahblah/~username" (now missing in the box).

        Besides, I liked the old "this page was generated by..." randomized intro.

        • Yeah, I agree about the You link to the person's info. Even though I hate that almost because that means I see yet more underlines for links. Style stuff I hate :)

          I took the generator out of Slashcode's templates because I thought it had gotten really boring after two years of seeing it. I have been trying to think up something more original :)

          You can't grep a dead tree.
          • you don't like links? Simple: write stylesheet support. I find that current slashcode sites look very much alike, and, for one thing, color flexibility is very poor. I understand this is a Major hassle given the state of the current code. I wonder if you guys gave it some thought.
            • by pudge (6) on Monday January 07 2002, @02:56PM (#3950) Homepage
              I am not sure what you are asking for. You want stylesheets? Write them and stick a link to them in your header template. Done.

              You want more colors? Add them (you can easily add more to constants; it would be nice to be able to add more to the colors block, which wouldn't be too hard, but people never have expressed interest in that, to my knowledge). What's the problem? How is color flexibility "very poor"? How is it a "Major hassle"?
              • Yes it's easy to add stylesheet but then if you want them to do anything you have to add classes to any object in the html otherwise what's the point (i.e one may want different fonts/styles for comment titles, comment info below the title, comment body, etc...). That, I think, is the hassle (maybe not that much now that I think of it). Anyway you guys have done a great job. I don't think you should get so defensive when someone points out a minor glitch. I understand you have other things to do than support the needs of people who uses your software.