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  • I'd still like the bonus to be OFF as the default setting. Most of the time I try not to use it (as too many moderators club me for forgetting to click the box) so it makes more sense to be off.

    Better yet, if the bonus is now user-definable, make it a text-entry box rather than a checkbox. Default it to 0 (or whatever the user has chosen as his default) so that it is changeable on a post-by-post basis.

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    • by Krow (986) on Thursday January 23 2003, @02:10PM (#5594) Homepage Journal
      You know that you can go to /my/comments and disable it by default right?

      You can't grep a dead tree.
      • Doh... I haven't looked around in my preferences for awhile. I guess I thought hanging out around here would keep me apprised of new Slash features.

        OK, unrelated question for you (since I couldn't find a way to submit it at sourceforge): why can't I post a character entity reference any more? I used to use the smiley (#9786) a lot, but now Slashdot encodes the leading ampersand and it disappears.

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