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  • Eclipse wrote:

    But I'm wondering if anyone has come up with other usages for it and if they would care to share their experiences.

    I was wondering about that, too, because I'll also managing a Slash site, which is not for news.

    So here's what we'll do with Slash:

    We [] are small, but well known Computer Science Conference Center in the CS research area. And we were in need of a discussion system, which allows us (aka authors) to post one discussion base per seminar/conference (aka article), where everyone can add ideas and thoughts (aka comments) to share with the research community and possibly stimulate others in their work with these postings.

    I looked around for quite a long time about discussion boards like (which I remember as quite painful to install) and HyperNews (which is IMHO cognitively overblown: too much irritating and clickable icons). I wasn't satisfied by any.

    One night at about 2 o'clock, I had a flash of wit: Slash has exactly those features, we need (and a few more :-), is quite well know for it's security and stability and is based on mod_perl [], on which our dynamic web pages are build, too. I'm still wondering, why I hadn't that idea earlier... :-)

    I shortly thought about other comparable software like PHPnuke [], but due to mod_perl was already compiled in and I'm still missing a lot of the nice features, Slash has, in PHPnuke, so those thought didn't stay long. (And regarding the recently found big security hole, which also defaced [], I'm very glad, not having chosen PHPnuke. :-)

    My boss was quite taken with that idea and so I installed my first Slash. It'll go into production mode during the next weeks and I'll post it as YASS then.

    And I as noticed on Slash's pages, also our system isn't the typical Slash host: Our Slash (2.0.0 with MySQL 3.23.40) runs on an Sun Ultra Sparc 10 (640 MB RAM :-) with Solaris 7, where e.g. /bin/sh is not a bash. That (and portald) needed some patching...

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