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  • I know that I have spent many a night searching the web for slash help when I couldn't find anything on slashcode, and didn't have time to submit a story and wait for replies. A FAQ would really help me, and other first-time slash users.
    • by LNC (4529) on Friday February 07 2003, @02:49PM (#5687) Journal
      I agree that a FAQ would be great.

      It would be especially useful to be able to search through the comments, because that's often where the nuggets of information are.

      I will enthusiastically contribute my questions to the FAQ ;)

      • I am thinking that people would submit both questions and answers to the FAQ (with comments enabled so that people could comment on the information).
        If an answer becomes outdated we can pull the answer or it can be rewritten (or just replaced).

        You can't grep a dead tree.
      • Ok, try this [].

        You can search the answers to a faq via

        When you mentioned the search ability, you really got my curiosity going. I'd never really looked at Slash::Search much, nor the freetext stuff in mySQL.

        So I started reading... and reading. Anyway, I came up with a method to search the faq answers.
        It uses a patched Search plugin to do it.

        I tried to make it so it would search the questions, and answers, but I had a real problem trying to make the mySQL MATCH code work across multiple tables.
        lottadot []