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  • by penang (7873) on Sunday January 13 2008, @03:39AM (#6415)
    To all it may concern:

    Just went to the slashcode place at _id=4421 [] and I couldn't find any new package commit.

    The latest package listed there is Bundle-Slash, version 2.52, dated 2006-08-18

    And the latest Slashcode listed there is version 2.1.1 dated 2001-10-30

    Would someone please kindly point me to the most updated version, containing the fix that is mentioned in the main message?

    Thank you !
  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday January 19 2008, @03:09AM (#6424)
    I love slashdot and I like slashcode. Please, I mean no disrespect for bringing up the following thread. I do not mean to give any weight to one side of the argument (prepared statements) or the other (sanitized data access layers). Personally, I feel both arguments are very strong.

    I just think the following thread is relevant to this article. And it may perhaps help code authors and contributors to think about future SQL injection problems. (In slashcode and other code.) d=21131105 []