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  • by Anonymous Coward
    slash when installed AUTOMATICALLY creates an rss field. look into your slash/site//htdocs/ directory, and you'll see a bunch of "weird" files with extensions like .rdf and .xml and .rss -- even slashcode has 'em: []

    The way to customize it is the fun part -- there are rss templates *somewhere* but I haven't found them yet. Some of the variables pertain to that as well: like you can change the "publisher" and "copyright" variables as well as the main image that's referenced in the rss -- by default it's that "slash" topic icon, but you should probably make one for your own site.

    • by alexmc (524) on Sunday June 30 2002, @11:55AM (#5052) Homepage
      A good site to learn about rss and to publicise your rss files is

      It is also a good place for finding rss feeds for slashboxes.
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