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  • That's it exactly - journals aren't stories.

    Journals can have a discussion attached to them - just like a story can (it doesn't have to).

    I think the HOF only does stories. There used to be some code in it to scan for the most used slashboxes I thought (it's been a while since I perused the source).

    It would be cool if someone wrote an add-on or patch that would list the most popular journals. (However, I don't think the Journal plugin's schema has a hitcount field to track the hits to each journal).


    lottadot []
    • The problem is, how do you do that without turning it into some sort of game?

      You can't grep a dead tree.
      • good point. Like I said in the other reply I noticed a few comments in there that stufffed the count upwards. I think a lot of the people who did that were trying to see the journal pop into hof status, hence you are 100% on with the game aspect.

        I still think it would be a cool patch to to have a top 10 journals by discussion. Perhaps a fluff filter that penalizes the je scores if there are too many similar, blank, stuffers etc. I don't know how tough that would be to implement (please excuse a cert
        • How about if the hof filter for journals took into account the comment's score in each journal's discussion?

          So if the score is 2 then it doesn't count against the ranking?

          lottadot []
          • hmmm... I dunno. When I post replies to journals on /. I usually leave the bonuses off. Admittedly, I have the bonuses off in my prefs on my /. account so i default to posting at 1. I think a lot of folks do that and would be posting at a score of 1 instead of 2. So the score at 2 might not be the only criteria you would have to tweak for filtering.
      • By game do you mean people posting crap into their journals trying to get the most popular journal on the system?

        Answer: banlist?

        How is this game different from any other blog out there?

        lottadot []
        • Yeah, but if we put up a stat like "Hof" we try to remove most of the gaming from it.

          Banlists don't work, because you find yourself constantly banning accounts. Needs to be automated.

          You can't grep a dead tree.
    • yeah, I thought about that afterwards. I think it would be neat if hof included a top 10 journals and rankulate it the same way as the top stories by comment count. The one I linked to has had a huge response, much greater than I expected when I saw it go up. There were a few comment stuffers in there though and that certainly skews the number of comments.