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  • by hossman (3631) on Saturday October 19 2002, @04:43AM (#5374)

    Based on your description, it sounds like what you've got could be generalized to generate a side-bar based on any RDF feed (allthough maybe not ... I'm not sure where you're getting the comment counts, or topic/image -- since those aren't in the feed [])

    "Porting to slashcode" would be very easy ... make it a command line perl script that can read the RDF file from disk, and write out a file in whatever format the side-bars are in, and it can be run as a regular "task"

    As for getting people to help you rewrite it in perl, the folks over at PerlMonks [] could probably lend a hand. If you submit a post that:

    1. Explains what you are trying to do.
    2. Includes whatever code you allready have (preferably perl, but if you've got PHP post that).
    3. Points out that it could be used on any RDF feed (assuming i'm right about that)
    ...then you'll probably get all sorts of advice on where to start, and what perl libraries will match up most closely to whatever PHP libraries you used.
  • We've done it for a slash 1.0.9 site, here's the sidebar [].

    You can tell from the filename that we just changed the code for ultramode.txt (which wrote out a preliminary version of an rss feed) and added some html tags for the sidebar. All story information was already in the DB query for ultramode.txt. Our /ultramode.html is in fact just a symbolic link to /ultramode.txt [].

    So all that needs to be done is find the place where the rss file is written, and edit it to write out the sidebar file contents in HTML instead of XML. It's probably in a plugin anyway, so copy that and create a new plugin.


    -- []: YAGSS - yet another German slash si

  • by Cliff (1113) on Monday October 21 2002, @04:27AM (#5383)
    I wouldn't mind taking a stab at the port,
    or at the very least giving you whatever
    assistance you might need to assist you
    with a port.

    Email me: cliff at slashdot dot org.


  • by Greedo (4418) on Monday October 21 2002, @03:59PM (#5388)
    For those who are interested in porting this to slashcode, you can see the PHP source code of the files required here:

    File used to add sidebar to Mozilla (just javascript code):

    Outer HTML page:

    Inner HTML page (does all the XML stuff):

    Image manipulation function:


    The 4 pages that make up the actual sidebar could probably be reduced to 2 (inner and outer HTML), maybe even 1, since the goal would be to have a server side script to all the parsing and output to a flat HTML file every 15 minutes or so ... or at the same time the RDF/XML feeds are generated. Oh, and store the resized images locally.

    Anyway, let me know what more I can do to help! An "official" Slashdot Mozilla Sidebar would be doubleplusgood. :)
    • Better code by Greedo (Score:1) Tuesday October 22 2002, @12:06PM
  • by kill-hup (3279) <> on Monday October 21 2002, @11:34PM (#5390) Homepage
    I've been playing with this idea ever since I saw Greedo's post on Saturday and think I've got a fairly stable test "task" for slashd. There is still room for work, but this is a good start. I've bitten the bullet and have gone "live" with this on, so I'm willing to say it's fairly reliable ;) I've tested it on 2.2.5, 2.2.6 and a few CVS R_2_3_0_x candidates (all Linux), so other release tests would be helpful.

    Anyone interested in taking a peek can visit the project page I've set up [] and feel free to critque or suggest. I'm especially open to slashd coding style guidelines, since this is the first slash task I've made public ;)


    -- [], proudly running Slash since 1/28/2002.

    • Re:My Attempt by kill-hup (Score:1) Tuesday October 22 2002, @09:09PM