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  • Specifically, us little guys now have the power to do what a corporation would traditionally do.

    Say that this was 1950 instead of 2000. I'm at the University of Utah, and I pull together plans to promote free speech in a forum. How could I do it? I'd have to get capital and somehow cover fairly enourmous operating expenses just to provide a student newspaper type forum devoted to free speech on campus. It would take a staff of at least 20, mostly paid.. plus expensive equipment and a costly distribution system. This would assume that I could even get any interest together, as well as many other things.

    Now, there I was, in 2000 instead of 1950. I have the same goals and ideals. What do I do? I have been planning since the fall of 1997, I would have written my own if slashcode had not matured during this time period. All I had to do was download and build free software, after getting a server at the drop of a hat. At a University, a Dell Poweredge comes at about $1k and bandwidth is free. That was it though, one man could create a forum .. hundreds and even thousands of people would view it .. and it gets clout overnight. That scares people, and the censors come flocking.

    So slash is involved in some sense.. it's a rope, and lots of it. All you need is the opportunity to hang yourself. Maybe slashcode needs a warning attached, if you're some idealistic college kid, unix bigot, perl monkey, whatever .. don't get caught up in that free speech fad. American universities today do not promote any sort of diversity of thought at all .. diversity means something completely different .. having preset levels of token people of race and culture in order to get federal $$$.

    Anyway, it's not trademark, it's not all about big bad corporations picking on the little guy. I don't think anyone gets it; and I don't even know if I get it.

    One future, two choices. Oppose them or let them destroy us.