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  • by Micah (1747) <micah AT 'ABSOLU ... s4christ DOT org> on Wednesday September 26 2001, @09:00PM (#3398) Homepage
    For the past couple months I have increasingly seen Slash not just as a weblog, but as an application development platform. It is fun to work with, and fairly easy once you get the hang of how it works. It gives you "for free":
    • Threaded discussions
    • Template system so any sysadmin can make any plugin look exactly as he/she wants
    • Plugin system
    • User management (account creation, login, etc)
    • An API to get user and story info, display menus and titlebars and boxes, and lots more
    • Polls

    ...and probably more.

    Of course, at its core it IS a weblog, and if you don't need story/comment/poll features at all, you may well be better off just coding it in PHP or something.

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