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  • by pudge (6) on Monday January 22 2001, @08:45AM (#324) Homepage
    Since i dont think its possible to brign the price of someone else running a slashsite for you down to a managable level, the only way to accomplish my goal is to make the instalation/upkeep of a slashsite simple.

    Again, I do not think it is possible for an average person to run a web site like this. They need to be able to tune Apache, manage system resources, administer the database, handle security, and more. It is asking too much to think a reasonable person can handle ANY web site that is this dynamic and complex.

    Computers are not appliances. Maybe personal computers are becoming that way (although the trend toward Mac OS X and Windows 2000 is certainly a step backward in that direction, as they are far more complex than their predecessors), but web server machines, which demand significant and complex resources, require the help of someone who knows what is going on. What happens when something breaks in a complex system? Who is going to fix it? What happens if security is compromised? How would they even know security is compromised?

    Let's assume that this could reasonably be made to be used by an average person. What would you suggest? Installation is irrelevant. Management of the resources is the tough part, and unless you are going to write an all-new database and webserver and OS that effectively needs no work on behalf of the operator, I don't see how it could be done.