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  • by Micah (1747) <micah AT 'ABSOLU ... s4christ DOT org> on Monday December 10 2001, @02:56AM (#3775) Homepage
    I have some experience with a wacky Verio virtual server -- I did some work for a customer on one.

    Those things have some really strange filesystem layouts, and they provide the Apache server and utilities to control it. Obviously for Slash you're going to have to compile Apache yourself. I'm not sure how well it will fit within their frame.

    At the first glance they look like good deals -- I considered getting one myself before finally deciding on my own real co-lo server -- but due to how strange it was I decided against it.

    I'm guessing that if they allow you to run your own custom-compiled version of Apache it would probably work, with a good deal of tweaking and fiddling around with the system. I'm sure it would be easier to have a "real" server.

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