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  • by laotan (203) on Wednesday February 20 2002, @10:07PM (#4299) Homepage Journal
    each site is different, depending upon when it was created, and to what degree its been customized. either way upgrading is actually quite painless, and generally speaking a good exercise to help reasses your site.

    in the src of slash in the utils directory there is a nifty script called "slash2toslash2.2" which can do wonders. perldoc it and be prepared to run it a few times before getting it right. i've personally never had a difficult time with it.

    seperate from all of this are the templates. if you haven't made any changes from the original slashcode theme (other than colour) you should be ok. if not, its up to you how to proceed. i've done some upgrades by throughly updating each template where appropriate, and others just using the old templates wholesale (so to speak). in all cases i don't think i had any problems.

    finally, do an audit of your site. check that the variables are correct, that the topics are properly configured, and that your sections are as they should, with your blocks doing what they should. one thing i recall is that some blocks like "features" and "index_qlink" get overwritten. that's no big deal really...

    • The slash2toslash2.2 script will bring things up to the slash2.2.5 level?
      • yes. there is little diff within the 2.2.x level of releases. big things happen between 2.x but not really between 2.2.x. which is to say 2.2.5 is really a fix of various (security) bugs that were in 2.2.0 (and on). upgrading from 2.2.0 to 2.2.5 is totally painless, and if you start with and use the slash2toslash2.2 script in 2.2.5 and install said 2.2.5 code than you're all set and in fact you're upgrading from 2.0.x directly to 2.2.5