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  • by weepingwillow (3264) on Tuesday February 26 2002, @05:36PM (#4339) Homepage
    I think the review was well written, and the book has helped me in get thought some stumbling blocks. But I quickly out grew it. Like many of the comments on slashdot the book was lacking in the necessary detail that was needed. After exploring the weblog issue some, there are plenty of web logs for the ‘novice’ administrator. If someone wants to undertake setting up a slash site they will most likely be skilled and need the more detail. I am wondering if the audience of this book was missed. I am also wondering if there are plans to write a book with more detail.
    • I think Timothy posted a blurb about a slash for dummies book but that heads toward the wrong end of the details spectrum.
    • What kinds of details would you like to see in an advanced book?

      acs suggested descriptions (and even usage information) on the standard plugins. I'd go for something like that. We didn't describe the underlying modules in more detail because they're changing so rapidly. Maybe by Slash 3.0 they'll have stabilized enough so that the second edition won't immediately be out of date.

    • Which review was "well written"? Mine wasn't. It was just thrown together in a few days of having the book so that it was one of the first. I think that people should start writing the missing chapters now ready for the second edition.
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