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  • The gifs don't have automatically generated text, you will have to make your own gifs. Or you can do some fancy editing in GIMP or your favourite picture editor

    While we are on newbie help, can I ask what the difference between all the issue modes are (article, issue, neither)? I can't find it in the docs. If it is in the docs, please flame me =P
    • by chromatic (177) on Wednesday January 23 2002, @12:42PM (#4074) Homepage
      Issue mode is somewhat like a daily newspaper. All stories posted that day are grouped into a single "issue". If you add the appropriate parameter to the URI, you can see just the articles posted for that issue. (The "Yesterday's Stories" link on Slashdot in the "Older Stuff" Slashbox uses this.)

      Article mode is the normal setting.

      Rob claims it works. I've read the code for it several times and am not yet convinced. :)