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  • by Anonymous Coward
    interesting site.

    I really like the clean design. Nice hack to the search results as well. Are your mods available anywhere for me to use?
    • by laotan (203) on Thursday July 11 2002, @02:14PM (#5097) Homepage Journal
      we [] host and have helped customize the RR site. most of the changes we've made are to the 2.2.x release, and don't apply to the 2.3 (which we're following). at some point either shortly before or sometime after the release of 2.3 we'll prolly submit patches for the search mechanism based on our modifications...
      • I have pretty much finalized Search for 2.3. Only one possible change may occur (may occur...). What are you thinking about adding to it?

        You can't grep a dead tree.
        • the two things we've added are contextualized searches (similar to google, where it bolds the part you were searching in the results), and soon the ability to search static html/txt documents not in the database. there's no rush on adding them, i just assumed that 2.3 was fairly diff from 2.2.x and that we'd need some time to figure out how we were going to retain our modifications (functionaly), which we would do when upgrading (either shortly before, or slightly after 2.3's release).
          • Well, if you have a patch for the contextualized bit I will add it.
            With static stuff I would want to know how you went about it.

            You can't grep a dead tree.