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  • Check to make sure that your Slash::Bundle installed and tested sucessfully. I had some problems with this in CPAN and eventually installed them each seperatly, it helped a lot.
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    • Yes! The CPAN installed and tested the Slash::Bundle correctly.

      Plus some idea?

      Is correct the fact of the Mandrake to initiate a process for the Apache and another one for mod_perl? (using: apachectl start)
      • by glorat (2431) on Friday August 09 2002, @04:51AM (#5260) Homepage
        First I'd check you have mod_perl installed correctly. Check your error_log to see if mod_perl is running. That may fix the PerlHandler problem

        As for your question. Mandrake default has a different setup where it has two apache processes, one with mod_perl and one without. DON'T USE THIS! Uninstall the RPMs and go with source. It is too difficult to get it working that way