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  • My use is medium-heavy I would is on my list of things to do to make it more standards compliant, but not urgent. An earlier version of my site had more use of CSS and less tables, but my beta users rebelled at the lack of NS 4.7 support. I don't expect to keep that support available forever though I was persuafded to make it at least display something for now...
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    • by pty (3966) <{peter} {at} {}> on Thursday September 19 2002, @08:19AM (#5323)

      Since the CSS support in Netscape 4.7x is really broken, this have not been a priority for me especially since Mozilla have reached a stable version.

      One of my goals with this theme is that all pages should work fine both with a style-sheet and without one. So if someone runs a Slash Site with my theme and have a lot of users that have Netscape 4.7x for whatever reason it should be possible to 'hide' the external style-sheet from the browser so that it doesn't load it. Some might complain that the pages look boring, but they should still work just as good as they does when you have a browser that does load the style-sheet ( minus whatever HTML bugs Netscape 4.7x might have ).