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  • by pudge (6) on Monday June 25 2001, @09:04AM (#2567) Homepage
    I just hope you don't use this survey for statistical analysis of any kind, since it won't be valid for such use.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday June 15 2001, @04:03PM (#2856)
    1) you need more types or minimally "other"

    2) age of site? do I count the many years it was in beta too?

    3) there's lots more ways then this

    4) How do you handle anonymous posting? - slash, out of the box, cannot disallow it on a story.

    5) I don't want you to know my SITE, my NAME, nor my email address. Are these things optional for your survey or what?

  • by chromatic (177) on Friday June 15 2001, @06:18PM (#2857) Homepage

    Alright, I added an 'other' field for site type, and clarified the 'age' question. I also removed the requirement for sitename and url. All of the fields are optional.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

  • by Slovenian (2483) on Friday June 15 2001, @07:29PM (#2858) Homepage
    What about people who run more than one site? I run two, and they are very very different.
  • by Krow (986) on Saturday June 16 2001, @12:32AM (#2859) Homepage Journal
    Yeah, that would be interestig. At this point I run three slash sites (oh, and slashcode!) plus I have at least one more on the way at some pont.
    Interesting to see if at the point you learn how to create a slash site, if you are tempted to keep creating sites.

    You can't grep a dead tree.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday June 21 2001, @04:41PM (#2881)
    And when do we get results of the survey?