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  • I would love to be able to trust people enough to allow for this. However, given the past proof than an <img> can be worth a thousand hurls... How do you propose to prevent the 'goat' people from posting and ruining your boards?

    What would be nice is to have some admin assigned user flags in the db to allow for saying who can post a pic or who can take one down without having to be an author on the site. A 'power user', if you will, who you have some level of trust in. Maybe as a super high karma privlege for example or an image moderation scheme, so that your site could do nice things like post images and you not have to worry about some jackass who thinks a gaping sphinxter is required reading today.

    I think that opening this up for all users is just asking for trouble if you don't have some sort of control mechanism in place to prevent abuses.
    • by flikx (2176) <> on Saturday February 16 2002, @01:10PM (#4266) Homepage

      There's still a big problem: it's not all that hard for a user to become trusted by a short history of posting karma whorish comments. Once the magic threshold is reached; b00m.
      <img src="">

      I'd leave <img> out of the whole thing. Next people will be proposing allowing the <script> tag!

      One future, two choices. Oppose them or let them destroy us.
      • I know plenty of systems that allow images. They are all over Livejournal []. I think it is just a matter of your userbase and what you are trying to accomplish with your site.

        You can't grep a dead tree.