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  • by penang (7873) on Sunday January 13 2008, @03:39AM (#6415)
    To all it may concern:

    Just went to the slashcode place at _id=4421 [] and I couldn't find any new package commit.

    The latest package listed there is Bundle-Slash, version 2.52, dated 2006-08-18

    And the latest Slashcode listed there is version 2.1.1 dated 2001-10-30

    Would someone please kindly point me to the most updated version, containing the fix that is mentioned in the main message?

    Thank you !
    • by Anonymous Coward
      If you have an old version of slashcode installed, you should follow the instructions in the article and patch it manually.

      If you have a recent version of slashcode, you must have gotten it via CVS.

      This page describes anonymous CVS access: []