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  • templates are stored in the database.

    so you need to create your theme, and then pull the current templates out of your db and write them all to disk.

    You can use something like [] to pull your templates out for you, or you might be able to use the template-tool to do it (template-tool -h) for it's options.

    If I were you, I'd

    1) make a copy of the entire slashcode theme
    2) cd mynewtheme/templates
    3) template-dump

    lottadot []
    • by Bruceo (4646) on Thursday March 06 2003, @10:27PM (#5812)
      Well.. that made things very easy. Thanks for that lottadot! Now I just have to write a couple of plugins and everything should be sweet... I'll advertise YASS when we're up and running ;)