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  • by Sandor (138) on Monday April 02 2001, @05:30PM (#2189) Journal
    It all really depends on what your site is pushing content wise. A slashsite is a community site. Figure about $700 a year to host it. If you get enough people to your site through proper marketing methods that is a small figure to deal with. Your time is whatever you rate it at per dollar hour so I am not figuring that in the cost in any way but you can make money from it. If you provide linkage to items you may have for sale or get a commission from the sale of that will help offset the cost by a small amount. On the slash site I run (CKF Online []) we sell books through Amazon and a few other outlets to recoup part of the cost. (In our first month we sold 17 books, not even close to break even but it was our first month). I suspect that as traffic increases to the site we will move more product in that sense but in no way are we expecting it to completely pay the cost. The rest of the costs (in our case) come out of dues we charged the school owners and my time. Both helped to offset the cost but I think with a slash site you really aren't trying to hit a mass market to sell widgets. Each site develops its own culture and reader base. At CKF Online we have a very good understanding of our userbase. Many of us have worked hand in hand with our readership for more than 10 years, in some cases more than 30 years. Our content is targeted directly at them and comes from knowing where their intrests are. I am sure word of mouth has been a contributing factor in our initial success but over 60% of the inbound traffic came from link exchange deals with other martial arts web sites. All of the people who write for us (and the readers who have submitted stories so far) are experienced martial artists. The better slashsites really work this understanding of their readership from as many angles as possible ala plastic, slashdot etc.I put up the tips because I see a lot of people who don't get users to their site. It is not due to a lack of content but more a lack of knowledge in internet marketing methodolgies combined with not understanding the concept of targeting a demographicly specific audience. Many of the tips I put up can be done very cheaply (or even free) and some will cost more (especially deadtree marketing and bikini girls). I share them with you in the hopes that you may benefit from my experience (I have been working the marketing stuff for a while in various business models) of the last 6 years on the net. Before then there really was no clear path to follow to market your site and it pretty much was a crapshoot. You put in the blood, sweat and tears to get that slashsite going so why is there no readership? No one knows your even on the net. It will take effort and critical thought/reasoning (oh yeah more blood and sweat...) for you to let them know. If you don't want to bother marketing it then you can reap the rewards of your laziness. So if your thinking is 'why bother?' I ask why did you bother to set up a slashsite in the first place?