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  • by rgoun (3129) on Tuesday May 14 2002, @06:25AM (#4833) Homepage
    Getting this to work will be quite a project. For one thing, mod_perl [], upon which Slash depends utterly, doesn't work with Apache 2.0 yet, as far as I know. So back off to a version of Apache/mod_perl that work on XP, buy a copy of The Slash Book [] (and perhaps a Perl book, too), and come back with specific questions when you run into problems.

    Personally I'll be fascinated to see how far you get.

    * [] uptime: 00:13:01 up 55 days, 13:18, 9 users, load
    • Nope, Slash does not work with Apache 2.0. It won't until mod_perl is finished.

      You can't grep a dead tree.