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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Works fine in Opera. The curvies and wavies appear better too than they do on slashdot.

    However, the "View->Styles->Slashdot" option does not stay selected between pages. I'm not sure if that's just plain how it works, or something is not right somewhere.

    Looks great, to me. Just make it all validate properly, and you're golden.
    • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday September 21 2005, @07:05PM (#6315)
      Does Not work in older versions of Opera, like Opera 5.
      On the front page, the text is too small with no pixles almost entirely font smoothed.
      That includes the DIV.details by Anonymous Coward section.

      The articles are separated by a huge vertical gap I suspect due to the use of height:100%. Base.css, Slashcode.css, slashdot.css all contain {height: 100%;} Removing them fixes the problem.

      Also, it would be nice if the navigation was at the bottom of the page for text readers and those, like myself, with user stylesheets.