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  • by acs (1437) on Monday June 11 2001, @04:18AM (#2823) Homepage Journal
    The Andovers lawyers can't do anything against Plastic selling slashcode. Maybe they can assure that the Slash mark is not used but the code, Plastic can sell it. Guys, this is the GPL world.

    And Plastic don't have to distribute their changes in slashcode. As a web service, they can modify the code and don't distribute it to anybody. But if they distribute one copy, they have to include the source code and teh recipient of the copy can distribute the copy to anyboby.

    The normal way to work in the free software community is to try to work in the team of developers to add value to the software for all the community and to distribute the modifications that you have done to the software. This is the way free software has reach the actual wave. But the licence doesn't force to distribute.