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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Why, why, why, why are you not using xhtml? Why even bother to modernize it, if you're going to bring it up to 2001 standards in 2005?
    • by jamiemccarthy (414) on Tuesday September 06 2005, @04:13PM (#6280) Homepage
      If an advertiser puts non-XML code on an XHTML page, the standard-compliant browser behavior is to refuse to display it. That's not a tolerable situation for Slashdot. That's the main reason.

      (We had a long discussion about this a few months back, and 4.01 only squeaked past XHTML by a hair.)

      And there are many great reasons to move "part of the way" to 4.01. It makes our development smoother, makes customization for other sites a lot easier (once we provide some tools and docs for that), frees up some of our webhead CPU, lets us start thinking about Ajax, and I look forward to a new stable of Greasemonkey scripts people can write :)