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  • by an_mo (2856) on Sunday January 20 2002, @04:54PM (#4056) Journal
    I'd like to see it in action. The only perl wiki know is the excellent usemod wiki []. Does your plugin have more features?
    • The tireless tester Jesse Hirsh [] has a demo up on his Slash site. I'll do him the service of not linking directly, but you can find it if you poke around.

      I use the Perl QA wiki, which (I believe) uses usemod, and Slash Wiki is comparable. It doesn't yet support diffs (though that wouldn't be difficult) or collision detection (somewhat trickier). The templating system and database backend make Slash Wiki a little safer and more flexible, in my opinion. (I'd say the article serves as better developer documentation, too. :)

    • by Anonymous Coward
      There are *lots* of Perl Wikis: the original WikiWikiWeb at ; MeatBall, a fork of UseMod (which can be found on the same site by searching) ; and TWiki at - the latter is quite feature-rich, including revision tracking, file attachments, authentication, and a plugin API that now has plugins for in-page drawing, calendars, action tracking, voting, etc. Since Perl was the original Wiki's implementation language, these are only the best known Perl wikis, and many more in languages such as PHP, Python, Smalltalk, , ...

      Lots of Wikis are linked together by InterWiki links, e.g. MeatBall:FrontPage refers to that page on MeatBall, and there's a MetaWiki effort on MeatBall for cross-Wiki searching. MeatBall, TWiki and some others have defined a Wiki Extension to RSS, allowing sites such as (or any RSS aggregator such as UserLand) to pull together headlines from many different Wiki sites. You can see an example of this at - good way to surf a few different Wikis. Quite a few Wikis have Weblog type support, I forget the names but search for WikiLog and WikiWebLog.

      To see a fairly mature Perl Wiki with quite a few features, have a look at TWiki or UseMod/MeatBall. OpenWiki is ASP-based but has some very neat features including major use of XML, so it's also worth a look.

      One thing I would really like on weblog type sites is the option for Wiki formatting - that way *this* could be bold, _that_ could be italic, and could be auto-linked (not to mention Wiki links such as WabiSabi and InterWiki links such as Wiki:WelcomeVisitors).

      I think there's a lot of synergy between Slash sites and Wikis - as a long time Slashdot user (but not coder) and a more recent TWiki user, admin and maintainer, it's something that would benefit both sides. Watch this space...

      P.S. I have recently fixed on TWiki an IE5/IE6 bug that I just experienced on Slashcode... What happens is that you type some text, then open a new IE window to check something, then back in the main window hit Preview, then hit the browser Back button, and *your original text is gone*. Very annoying... the good news is that some simple Perl code on the weblog or wiki can fix this, by controlling how IE does caching.

      Anyway, the problem and fix is fully documented at wLosesText which includes a very short Perl patch using Please comment there if you can, as I'll probably forget to track this thread :) (I just lost some more text in this comment to this bug, I'll stop commenting now...)

      Richard Donkin

      I don't have a Slashcode account but I'm RichardDonkin on most of these Wiki sites.
      • One thing I would really like on weblog type sites is the option for Wiki formatting...

        That was actually the inspiration for the plugin. At some point, I'd like to make that possible. (At some point, I'd like to do a lot of things. :)