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  • by Greedo (4418) on Monday October 21 2002, @03:59PM (#5388)
    For those who are interested in porting this to slashcode, you can see the PHP source code of the files required here:

    File used to add sidebar to Mozilla (just javascript code):

    Outer HTML page:

    Inner HTML page (does all the XML stuff):

    Image manipulation function:


    The 4 pages that make up the actual sidebar could probably be reduced to 2 (inner and outer HTML), maybe even 1, since the goal would be to have a server side script to all the parsing and output to a flat HTML file every 15 minutes or so ... or at the same time the RDF/XML feeds are generated. Oh, and store the resized images locally.

    Anyway, let me know what more I can do to help! An "official" Slashdot Mozilla Sidebar would be doubleplusgood. :)
    • I've changed it so that the side bar is only one file, instead of an inner, outer and css file. Source is: s