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  • by laotan (203) on Thursday March 27 2003, @07:02AM (#5922) Homepage Journal
    we [] run a lot of slash sites, mostly for companies and organizations. one of the most active, and popular sites we run, is for sportsnet, one of Canada's national television sports networks. the site itself [] gets quite a bit of traffic, and yet it also suffers from a poor user percentage like the rest. here are some numbers, taken from mar 26, but are representative of an average day:

    Total Page views are about 60,000

    Total unique IPIDs are 10,000

    But UIDs are only 1,000 (thus 10% of readers)

    86 submissions, and 1292 comments posted

    199 mod points were used, which was 12% of available points

    from these numbers I see a value of about 10%. that being the number of active participants from the general user base. this value is generally true with the other (corporate and non-corporate) sites that we maintain (with our clients).