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  • by mo´se (676) on Monday October 08 2001, @05:50AM (#3432) Homepage Journal
    Did you try getting Data::Dumper from CPAN, and install it manually (perl; make; make test; make install) ? If it doesn't install, at least you'll get some trace of what happens.

    Unless this has changed with Slash2.0, I don't believe there is a dependency between Data::Dumper and the sql scripts.

    • It looks like it's only used in the test scripts (ie during the install):

      $ cd /usr/local/src/slash/fry/slash/
      [shane@hobbes slash]$ grep -ie "dumper" * -r
      Slash/Test/ % perl -MSlash::Test -e 'print Dumper $user'
      Slash/Test/ % perl -MSlash::Test=virtualuser -e 'print Dumper $user'
      Slash/Test/ print Dumper $user;
      Slash/Test/, and Data::Dumper into the current namespace. Will export $user,
      Slash/Test/ Data::Dumper;
      Slash/Test/ @Data::Dumper::EXPORT,
      Slash/blib/lib/Slash/ % perl -MSlash::Test -e 'print Dumper $user'
      Slash/blib/lib/Slash/ % perl -MSlash::Test=virtualuser -e 'print Dumper $user'
      Slash/blib/lib/Slash/ print Dumper $user;
      Slash/blib/lib/Slash/, and Data::Dumper into the current namespace. Will export $user,
      Slash/blib/lib/Slash/ Data::Dumper;
      Slash/blib/lib/Slash/ @Data::Dumper::EXPORT,
      Slash/blib/man3/Slash::Test.3:\& % perl -MSlash::Test -e 'print Dumper $user'
      Slash/blib/man3/Slash::Test.3:\& % perl -MSlash::Test=virtualuser -e 'print Dumper $user'
      Slash/blib/man3/Slash::Test.3:\& print Dumper $user;
      Slash/blib/man3/Slash::Test.3:Slash::XML, and Data::Dumper into the current namespace. Will export \f(CW$user\fR,
      utils/createTestStories:use Data::Dumper;
      utils/dependencies.plx:use Data::Dumper;
      lottadot []