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  • I've done a lot fo work on my templates to make them XHTML compliant. Though I'm far from it, and in need of some motivation to get rid of some of that horrible default slashtml, it does quite well using only CSS for layout: []

    If you'd like my templates and CSS files, let me know and I'll tar.gz them for you. Though I'm not as keen to get the site using XHTML as you, I am keen to get rid of tables unless they're absolutely necessary. I have a love affair with CSS, you see : )

    • Did you do it all by hand, or did you find some way to automate the template modding process?

      What I'm getting at - lets say you make a theme by copying all of the slashcode theme.

      You go into it's templates dir. There are standard things in nearly all of the templates, like the fonttag mainfontface TEXT endfonttag.

      It would be a beautiful thing if one automate the process of replacing something like those two tags with span class=someclass TEXT endspantag.

      I've not had the time to look into it though.

      lottadot []