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  • by Krow (986) on Monday June 11 2001, @02:07PM (#2832) Homepage Journal
    First thing, I posted this because it had 8 submissions so I didn't want to see it submitted again. (Like I have a couple a week pointing out that sites.shtml is not up to date. The reason for this is that I have to do it by hand, and this just not happen that often. I need to automate this (and just about have, I just need a script that generate the page from story titles and dept (I use the department field to store URL's for slash sites))).

    Personally I think it would be cool if they gave out their changes, but I don't really care if they do or not. In part this is because it is 1.0 and in part I understand that giving out source means answering questions, which takes time. I have scripts for slash that I have yet to give out, and this is in part just because of lack of time on my part.

    I have no opinion on the site (I have looked over it, read articles from it). Personally I am happy to see the press that they have gotten since I believe that the "All Boats Rise in the Sea" principle. So for me, whenever I see someone doing something cool with the site, I am all for it.

    As far as them selling it, as some of you know I already encourage people to do consulting on slash, and I see this as nothing different. If you can make a buck, power to you! At some point I want to put up a set of links to people who do consulting on slash like we do for hosting companies. There is a market out there for slash and I am happy to see it take off.
    BTW, it would be nice that if someday we ever put up a tip jar for slash I would hope that people who make money off of it would contribute some.
    And for the record I am speaking as me, Brian, not an employee of OSDN. I have no idea of their opinion on this, and I am not representing anyone other then myself.
    I would even bet some of my teamates have different opinions.
    Final note, the one thing I would like to see is people give back plugins whenever possible (and a spare theme or two would be nice!). I am working on a plugin, to track plguins. My goal was to get it done before the weekend was out, but I got bogged down. Hopefully I can restart this later in the week since this is something I really want to see happen.

    You can't grep a dead tree.