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  • I put a couple of Slash-based sites onto Intranets in Fortune 500 companies. The only way to sell Slash as a solution in these environments is on the merits of its functionality. Server builds are typically fairly standardized in these environments, so it is not necessary to install all your own software in order to deploy a Windows NT/2000 - IIS server, if you are working in a Windows shop.

    We sold Slash as a knowledge management system or a means of categorizing permanent content. This required us to demphasize user feedback and moderation. In some cases, operating system standardization is sacrificed because of a compelling application feature set. In my experience, cost is hardly ever a good justification because a one-off environment has unique costs which may totally offset the savings on proprietary software licensing.

    If you succeed in selling such a solution, assume that you will be doing some modification to the base code, or (a better idea) you will be writing your own plugin for some part of the functionality. If you do consider modifying the code, think carefully about how to do it, particularly with respect to limiting the changes so that you can still take upgrades to the core code.



    Dave Aiello
    Chatham Township Data Corporation []