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  • by jamiemccarthy (414) on Sunday October 13 2002, @08:04PM (#5362) Homepage
    Every time a user's comment is moderated up, that user gains one karma. Every down-moderation causes the posting user to lose one karma. If you create a new user (at karma 0), post ten times (at Score:1) and each of the ten posts is moderated positively once (taking them to Score:2), your new user's karma will go up to 10.

    That's how probably 99% of karma is gained and lost. It can also be gained and lost by doing moderation well or poorly (as judged by the metamoderators later). And by doing metamoderation well or poorly (also as judged by the user's fellow metamoderators). Finally, you gain 3 karma by having a submission accepted for posting as a story.

    All karma changes are relative; you accumulate or lose points, and don't jump instantly to a specific karma level.