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  • I have suggestions and a request:


    Some sort of category system, ala
      Categories: (sports/recreation/slash/computers/adult/etc).

    Search ability on the site's name.

    Request: in the list, break sites with titles like

    "The Syndicate newswire"

    into the list as

    "Syndicate newswire, The"
    lottadot []
    • Search would be easy enough to do. Now on type, I could just use topics.
      Thing is, what is a good list of topics, and where do we find images for them :)

      So you are just talking about ignoring "The" in the search?

      You can't grep a dead tree.
      • No, ignore 'the' in the YASS listing. (Ignoring it in the search, er treating it as a noise word would probably be a good idea I'd think too).

        As for topics vs categories - if you do topics, you need images. If you do categories - then it gives people stuff to search on/list by.

        (ie sports,devel,news,adult,whatever).

        what would be really cool would be a hierarchial thing:

        lottadot []
        • by Krow (986) on Tuesday February 26 2002, @08:57PM (#4342) Homepage Journal
          Someone is working on the hierarchial bit at the moment for topics. We will at least have some secondairy topic additions in the next release (I think they are already in CVS...).

          So, if someone wants to come up with a flat list for now with some images I will happily add them.

          You can't grep a dead tree.