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  • Got last nights CVS, seems to be working fine, just did a cut and paste from Mascon into Bender's Template window...

    Somehow I did break my IE5.x (latest on Win2k), it displays the "main page", but no matter what I do, when I click on read more I get an "empty" story display box... and none of the other perl stuff ain't working neither...(same prob when I go over to /., but not on slashcode) All works fine on other machines, just not mine, I guess thats M$ for you.

    Silly question, how come there is 2 sets of templates? just as it happened I installed the ones that didn't work ;) , replaced 'em manually and all is well...

    Is it just me or is 1.1.5 faster?

    Ohh, the "add a friend" to your journal feature doesn't work on slashcode. BUT.. this is comming along nicely :) I envy you guys for your knowledge...