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  • by Sandor (138) on Sunday March 18 2001, @03:11PM (#467) Journal
    Good poll question. I wonder why so few responses or replies. Maybe this troll will get the discussion going. Maybe not. Ways to market your site effectively:
    • Go to [] and read the information they have up there. Create an account and carefully take your time building meta tags. The advice they offer is sound and will provide you with an in-depth look at PROPERLY marketing your site through search engines. (Oh yeah kick out a few bucks to Rob Woodhead and company when you realize how cool the service they provide really is!)
    • Get your site listed with as many community sites as possible.
    • A YASS announcement on Slashcode will bring you about 150 visitors. Can you keep any of them?
    • Join a web ring that has sites similar to yours. They are free and will get a little more traffic moving to your site.
    • Setup a link deal with other sites of the same genre as yours. The few clicks that trickle in will be better than ones clicked through a YASS(just an example) because the inbound surfers already have a genuine interest in the subject matter.
    • Know your target audience. Ask yourself; What is the demographic of the average user you want at your site? How old are they? What sex? What income level? Where do these people normally go on the net to find the information you provide? When do they normally surf? Use this information wisely to build you marketing campaign.
    • Forget about big $ banner ad campaigns. They don't work. Trust me on this. There is a reason why the CPM has dropped through the floor lately. The 1 per 1,000 per 1,000 rule should really be viewed as 1 per 10,000 per 10,000. Your money will be better spent elsewhere.
    • Don't give in to the temptation to have your site address spammed to 30,000,000 users. Yeah you might get a few new users but you will have pissed off millions of potential users in the process, possibly getting yourself blacklisted in the process.
    • Use the news groups. You can announce your site in the appropriate news group(s) and pick up users. I recommend doing this regularly. Say every two weeks or so depending on the rollover of the particular news group you target.
    • Get the RSS into whatever news feed services you can.
    • Word of mouth is going to be your best marketing tool. A) its free and B) people are more likely to go to a site that others have recommended to them.
    • Patience pays pondskipper. Keep an eye on your stats. It may take a while for your site to develop a 'culture'. I use webtrends. Its free and gives you a pretty indepth look at your visitors. Remember: just because the visitors are not posting doesn't mean you are not heving people read through what is being posted. vis:6,200+ page views (note: not 'hits') and less than 20 posts.
    • Dead tree marketing works. Get you url published in media that is congruent with your target audience. This is $ better spent than banner ads. I had a client who was getting a very small amount of traffic to her site from thousands of dollars in banner ad campaigns. She switched to publishing in magazines that had a readership that matched her demographic of user and the traffic went from a handful of visits per month to over 15,000 visits per month in less than 3 months.

    Ok, so there you have it. The only thing I can think of that I left out was the point that Sex sells. How you apply that to your marketing may or may not benefit your marketing plan. Hiring a few scantily clad bikini babes to market your site at big events will get you some traffic but it probably wont be quality traffic unless your site is a pr0n site.