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  • you need to make sure your slashd daemon is running.

    If I were you, I'd set the var 'writestatus' to 'dirty'.

    Then start, or restart, slashd. It should consequently run the 'freshenup' task, which'll generate your index.shtml's for each section, and index, of your site.

    lottadot []
    • by Bruceo (4646) on Thursday February 06 2003, @03:48AM (#5648)
      Well.. it sorta worked...

      Take a look at what its given me now and offer some more advice: []

      I also seem to be missing some .inc files. Can you give me an idea of what I'll need to run to refix everything? Even if its command line stuff?

      • Well, first look at the source for that page.

        You'll see this at the top:

        start template: ID 264, ssihead;misc;default

        [an error occurred while processing this directive]

        so you now know the problem is in that template.
        so then go into your admin interface for the site and pull up that template.

        You'll see:

        #include virtual="[% dir %]/[% section %]"

        So there you go. It's trying to include ''.

        Look at your site's basedir? Is it there? Nope.

        So then goto a CLI shell, cd to your slash src, and

        grep "" * -r

        you'll see something similar to

        themes/slashcode/tasks/ open $fh, ">$constants->{basedir}/$section/"

        so there's a script that opens it. it's a task. so try running the task:

        runtask -u {virtualuser}

        look in your htdocs dir, is the file there now?

        there ya go :)

        You could also try searching slashcode for []

        for more info.

        lottadot []
        • Thanks for all your helps guys. As I've said before, perl and the template toolkit are both new to me, so I'm still trying to get my head around where everything is in the slash code.

          I've bought the O'Reilly and am going through that, and i've begun to look online for a bit more documentation, but it's obvious stuff like this that I'm not picking up on due to my lack of perl knowledge.

          I'll keep playing around with things and we'll see how far I get. At least I know you guys can provide quick answers if I get totally stumped.