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  • by maol (1592) <> on Monday September 10 2001, @04:16AM (#3337) Homepage
    I've never heard one good "slashcode is better because"

    Right. We've been using Slash 1.0.9 for almost a year now, and we're at a point were we reconsider our needs. For this we're doing a comparison of Slash 1.0.x, 2.x and PHP-Nuke. We're considering "forking" from 1.0.9 too, because we don't really need the 2.x features but want to develop some more tools and stuff.

    Basically it boils down to the fact that PHP-Nuke can do as much as Slash 1.0.x, but is much easier to install, configure and maintain. Plus it has some nice features like themes on per-user basis, multi-language support, and some more nice admin options. OTOH it has lots of bugs, and I'm afraid to use it, because I'm a 'I hate bugging users with software bugs' guy. That's the drawback of the active development and quick releases. And I don't know how it behaves under heavy load.

    If you're all for stability (and/or have as many users as slashdot *g*) and don't mind the extra effort installing and customizing, then Slash is your choice. Else take a more lightweight tool like PHP-Nuke.

    A quick note: migrating our DB and UI (just for testing purposes) took about two hours. Of course not counted here is the reinsertion of the old stories and comments into the DB, but someone has already written a script for that - for the migration of Slash 1.0.x to 2.x...


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