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  • by XTaran (2697) <slashcode at deuxchevaux dot org> on Monday September 24 2001, @04:49PM (#3388) Homepage

    There seems to be a bug inside and, because I had TT2 code inside my posting, which looked fine in the preview at, but looks now horrible in and

    IMHO neither nor and should execute TT2 statements inside article bodies. (Perhaps some of the SlashCode authors can escape that code inside the article. Thanks.)

    -- There is no place like $HOME
    • Two things:

      1. Template code is not being executed. What is happening is that your text is being swallowed by a thing that allows authors to do things like <A HREF="[% perl %]"> to get the URL of the most recent article about "perl". That's why you see those URLs. This is a bug, IMO, because the way it is written, it is impossible to put template code in the URLs.

      I've filed a bug [] if you are interested in following it.

      2. If you do [% USE Slash; Slash.VERSION %] you can, right now, get a version. But it is of Slash::Display::Plugin, not Slash itself. D'oh. I am adding a method version (lowercase) to give you the Slash version (which in my case is 2.1.0, or 2.00100). Witness:

      $ perl -MSlash::Test=slash -leDisplay
      [% USE Slash; Slash.VERSION; "\n"; Slash.version %]

      (By the way, Slash::Test, in slash 2.2, is really cool for debugging and testing stuff in Slash. :-)