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  • I think this is deliberate.

    From my point of view, anyone who gets that far has already read the story. So if they change their comment-view, why would they want the story's text to take up screen space.

    I wonder what the ratio is for people who are logged in, and have changed their comment settings - how often do they temporarily change their view when reading a story??

    Me personally, not all that often. But it depends on the story, and the site's layout.

    lottadot []
    • Occasionally. I'm set to threshold 1, threaded, highest first, show at +3. If I'm reading a story that is really interesting for some reason, I'll change to nested view so I don't miss anything. And if I've got mod points (and reading a story I'm knowledgable enough about to moderate well), I'll switch to nested, newest first.

      But even those times, I sometimes find I want to re-read something in the original story. It's not too hard to back up once, then forward once, though, so I don't worry about it.

      Constitutionally Correct [] ⇐
      • by digifish (4322) on Monday September 30 2002, @08:51PM (#5343)
        sometimes find I want to re-read something in the original story

        I find myself doing the same thing sometimes. Other things being equal, I would prefer to have the story shown.

        Another reason I would like to be able to do this that sometimes I like to "prepackage" a link to an interesting page to mail to somebody. It's nice to be able to set the comment-display options to highlight relevant posts (especially for non-slash saavy folks) while still showing them the original article (remember, the recipient hasn't seen the original). I suppose it's a small enough thing, but more than once I have found myself wanting it to work differently. I guess that's why they open the source...