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  • Are you looking for something more sophisticated than the "Related Links" feature? See the "Keyword" link in the admin menu. (It's also described, somewhat, under "The Edit Story Form" section of chapter 4 []).
    • ok, i think a little more sophisticated than what is described in the chapter(which btw is an awesome sample to have browsed).

      I am looking to do some thing like the autonode feature does but keep the info local. On my site there are lots of terms that often get used in the way the Kenpo curriulae is taught. For example if an author were to use the term 'reorbit' and node it the link would point to a definition of reorbit and in the definition possibly have links to other related materials or concepts.

      It wouldn't need to have user editability, maybe the ability to attach comment threads would be good but not for users to do all the other fancy things that e2 does.

      I think this would be a great feature in that context as many beginning students may not understand the conceptual terms in the description of the material. I'll take this a step further by explaining what I want to do by presenting an example;

      Technique: Delayed Sword
      Attack: Right Punch
      Category: Punches
      • From your Point of Origin step back with left leg into a right Neutral Bow stance while executing a thrusting inward block to the medial nerve of opponents wrist.
      • Draw right leg to a 45 degree cat stance and execute a right snapping ball kick....

      I left the links blank here just to show you what I am talking about. The amount of data in the system we teach is extensively cross referenced the way I wrote above. Ideally the link could take a student to a page that defined the term, possibly included links to pictures (or other multimedia stuffs) and finally list a bunch of related links to other definitions used within the definition.

      ok... nough rambling. I think a web of knowledge type thing like this would be handy for schools and businesses using slash as a cms. The wiki plug article a few days ago alluded to this type of thing as a solution but I am not 100% sure I totally understand the wiki concept(yeah.. I'll reread it again:).

      Thoughts or ideas? Anyone doing anything like this?
      • In the interests of simplicity and code-reuse, perhaps we could co-opt the autonode feature. Instead of hard-wiring a link to Everything2 in the linkNode() sub (see Slash::DB::MySQL), we could add a configuration variable or two -- autoNodeURL and autoNodeQueryFormat. Then you could optionally redirect to Everything2 if you like, or to a Wiki on the same machine, to an Everything installation under your control, or even to a static site.

        Of these, the Wiki is probably the easiest to set up, but it doesn'

        • by froomkin (2074) on Tuesday January 22 2002, @10:35PM (#4071) Journal
          The ability to have a fairly simple local dictionary would be of great value. I plan to use Slash in a law school setting. It would be handy to have certain legal terms defined in an autonode kind of way. But what would be especially useful would be a two-tier system: user definitions could either reside locally, or the local reference could be to a static page elsewhere (for cases, for example, I would refer to, say, the full text at Findlaw []).

          I suspect under the current system I could do it by having HTML in the definition, but it might be neater if the reference to the externally resident text would just pop up a box (with, say, the text of the case) without requiring a second click on something in the definition.