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  • My purpose here is to be able to assign a single story to more than one Subject.

    Why would you write your own module/plugin/code for something lik this?

    Why not use the sections/subsections/topic system that is already built into slash?

    lottadot []
    • I had originally intended to use the Topic/Section system to classify the stories (mostly lesson plans about Latin America), but I want to be able to set up a hierarchical structure of subjects and sub-subjects. (i.e. Social Studies -> History -> Cuban History). In particular, I want the depth of the hierarchy to be arbitrary, and I want for any given story to be assignable to an arbitrary number of subjects.

      The documentation on slash that I've used mostly is the book, which says that a given story can only belong to a single subject, and a single topic. I can't find anything in the book or in the docs on my machine that mentions "subsections". Perhaps this is something else that's been updated since 2.2.6?