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  • I had to make this change recently, and did it by editing one entry in the dateformats table. (I added %Y to the row with id 0.)
    • You can always edit the default user's preference (and what users default to in general). Or just modify your dispStory template to use a specific format.

      You can't grep a dead tree.
      • by LNC (4529) on Tuesday February 04 2003, @08:40PM (#5640) Journal
        Thanks all for the good suggestions.

        15 minutes after I posted, I realized this was a result of the default date formatting. (Doh!)

        My goal is to be able to change the default date format. I attempted to make this change by swapping the format and description of the entries in the "dateformats" sql table between id=0 (the one I don't want) and id=10 (the one I do want). All was well.

        Oddly, when I arrived at work again this morning, they'd been swapped back. I'm guessing that there's something in one of the dialyStuff scripts that reload this data from the /usr/local/slash/sql/mysql/defaults.sql file.

        Do I need to change *that* file to get my changes to stick?

        Is there some obvious place (template,, vars?) where I can change the default choices for users.